Music Rehearsal Studios

Soundstage Studios

North West London


The Music Rehearsal Studios at Soundstage Studios are ideal for Tour Prep. With two large studios available, they feature:


  • Excellent access by road and public transport
  • Close to local shops and restaurants
  • Easy load-in
  • Adjacent parking facilities available
  • Completely sound-proofed from other studios
Music Rehearsal Studio at Soundstage Studios

Rehearsal Studio 1


  • 600 sq ft performance space
  • PA and backline
  • Air conditioning, kitchen and shower
  • Separate Green Room available

    Rehearsal Studio 2


    • Total space 2500 sq ft (1550sq ft clear performance space)
    • Comfortable large music rehearsal studio
    • Ideal for larger bands, pre-production rehearsals and orchestral rehearsals
    • Lighting, PA and backline available.
    • Green Room
    • Dressing Room
    • Production Office
    • 40-channel mixing desk Allen&Heath GL2800M (16 output mixes)
    • Equipment storage
    Music Rehearsal Studio at Soundstage Studios